Absolutely Yours

Absolutely Yours is a dreamy, indie pop outfit out of Brooklyn, NY.

Sometimes when one relationship ends, we pick up the pieces and move on. We listen to our saddest volumes to no finish and find solace in bottomless bottles until the next season arrives. It says something about two songwriters, though, when a break-up opens up the door to musical collaboration: after splitting, Bridget Collins and her ex Jeffery Klonoski began writing songs and performing as Absolutely Yours around the borough in 2015.

Absolutely Yours released their self-titled debut cassette that year, and followed up with a full length, Princess Plum, in January 2017. They expanded the project to include bassist Max Currier and drummer Matt Addison. Klonoski would leave the group later that year, allowing Collins to takeover as main songwriter.

Lending a DIY, bedroom touch to charming pop tunes a la Emily Yacina or Alex G, Absolutely Yours would delight the type of fans who are secretly holding out for that Rae Jepson/Malkmus duet series. Beautifully airy, reverb-packed tracks might hypnotize a listener, but it’s certainly not all sunshine and rainbows.

Collins recalls as an 8-year old watching one of those non-stop, summer daytime TV ads for a Carpenters Greatest Hits collection: "I really liked that kind of 70s, super syrupy-sweet pop music, but it also gave me this really awful feeling of dread. Around that time I developed this aching, anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach and it pretty much hasn't gone away since."

Partnering with Living Waters Records, Absolutely Yours is set to release a limited-run 7”, Impossible Bouquet, on May 25, 2018. The release will be made available digitally with bonus tracks on Spotify, Apple Music, and other cool places like that.

Impossible Bouquet - Digital Preview Stream
1. Diagonal Lines
2. The Truth

3. Something Else
4. Swan Dive
5. Took the Day Off [Bonus - Digital]
6. You Got Me [Bonus - Digital]
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